Newgate Donate £5k to Butterwick Hospice

Newgate Donate £5k to Butterwick Hospice

16th February 2017

The Butterwick Hospice is an organisation and registered charity which provides every aspect of care for people with terminal and life limiting illnesses in and around the Bishop Auckland and Teesdale area, they have three hospices one of which is dedicated purely to children and the extent of their care runs from diagnosis to death and they also provide extensive after care for bereaved relatives, the hospices themselves provide everything from respite to counselling in house and in home and have experienced cancer nurses on hand to assist, advise, run therapy sessions etc. The services they offer are too numerous to mention and it must be noted that all of these services are free and available to everyone which in essence means that without the support and dedication of the many volunteers and staff and the generosity of supporters and donors the organisation would be unsustainable.

As this is a well-loved and necessary service to the community we at the centre are very happy to do whatever we can to raise funds and help out wherever possible, the hospice has a dedicated organisation of friends who do everything from knitting baby clothes to collecting raffle/tombola prizes and we provide space within the centre to run stalls etc. to sell goods or tickets, we also try to hold several craft fairs per year and donate the stallholder rents to the hospice and our biggest support is the tree of remembrance whereby the hospice use one of our old trees sometimes two if necessary and volunteers sell baubles with messages to peoples loved ones who have passed away attached, this exercise alone can generate around £2000 so we were overjoyed when we were informed that the use of the centre had generated over £5,300 last year which gives us a target to try and better next year.


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